More on Escaping Perfectionism


If you can escape the perfectionism trap
you’ll discover that you have plenty of time
to create lots of things.
It took me a long time to realize this.
But now that I’m prying myself free
of that ancient cage,
I’m tasting the wind and the sun
and feeling the crackling old snow
crunching under my feet
and remembering to breathe…
and this space to be here in this moment
reminds me
that when I have words
I can write them–
and they don’t have to be
anything special,
it’s enough that they are mine.
When there is a color I like
I can grab it and put it somewhere
on a piece of paper
and enjoy a simple doodle…
it doesn’t have to be special art,
it’s enough that it is mine.
and I can knit just one or two rows
and let that be enough
and I can scrape together dinner
pulling multiple containers of leftovers
out of the fridge
and then I can relax and watch a silly cartoon
with my children
because I don’t have the phantom of perfectionism
haunting me, menacing me,
at least not as much as before.
And just that tiny bit of space
shows me how much I can do,
how much I already am.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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