In Praise of Mistakes


Our mistakes
are our greatest teachers–
so why are we so afraid of making them?
I praise the teacher
who can encourage the making of mistakes,
who can applaud the one who risks and falls,
and who is there to help the pupil to rise,
offering listening ears and open eyes
as reflections are made
on the lessons learned.
This world doesn’t need any more noise.
It needs no more opinions
or advice…
But the expansive space of listening,
the receptive tender heart
that opens even more–
yes this holds the potential
to help and to heal
the hidden wounds that we incurred
when the lines were blurred
and we were told
we needed to be perfect.
And the outstretched hand,
the strength of helping another up,
silently holding what needs to be held,
yes, there is mystery and magic here
as we give ourselves the space
to see the story we absorbed
and embodied
the story we believed was true–
perfection was the aim, the goal.
But let us tell this story no more.
It is time for another story here–
the story of glorious mistakes
and bravely looking foolish,
of risking the pain of vulnerability
to awaken the great
inexhaustible fount of creativity
that one day will save us all.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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