Mind the Weather


My mood mirrors the weather:
grey rainy day
inside and out
I wait for sunshine and spring
and remind myself
that happiness is here
not out there
whenever, wherever the sun shines.
If I must wait for spring to be happy
then I and those around me are doomed
for all of winter.
How can I overcome the weather of my mind
and find the sunshine within
In spite of the drear and the cold and the wet?
If you can answer that
I’ll dub you the smartest person yet.

4 responses »

  1. Ah yes, I empathise. You are not on your own. Cheekily I wonder whether if someone does come up with the answer to your question, could they also let me know how to get through those PMS days without feeling like an utter failure in every way…??

      • Hmm, no answers posted yet. I guess everyone is also still working on these questions too! Sharing the challenges of these days is reassuring though – thank you!

      • Oh goodness, thank YOU! Thanks for your kindness and your reflections. It is so generous of you to show up and leave comments. Thank you friend.

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