One Breath Away


Just a breath beyond
everything I think I need to do
in order to be worthy of love
(yours and mine)
there is ME
the human being.
Sometimes I find her
when I sit still enough
and breathe deeply
and find a way to stay alert
even when I’m feeling drowsy
she comes to me and says
Here I am.
Always here.
Spending so much time
trying to be the good person
I think the world needs me to be
turns me into a human doing
and I lose track of the being in me
and it all seems so crazy, so frenzied.
But there is solace
in awakening to this
sober realization
that I’ve been caught
in the damnation
of doing, doing, doing–
turning and seeing
that my home,
my sanctuary,
my sanity,
is still here
always here
always where I am.
that being is ME,
just one breath away.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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