From Fear to Freedom


On this journey of self-love and acceptance
The goal isn’t to eliminate the critic
but to understand and hold it
with kindness and compassion.
The inner critic has served an important function
in our lives and those of our ancestors–
its main purpose is to keep us safe,
to help us survive–
and attempting to kill this part of ourselves
wouldn’t be helpful or reasonable.
But bringing more awareness
into the situation,
ah this now–
this will help us to shift our focus
from dwelling in the critic’s fear
to moving into our own power,
our creativity and inspiration.
Meet the critic with gratitude:
Thank you for wanting to keep me safe.
And then go on to reassure it:
I know this is scary for you right now,
but I want you to know 
everything is okay
and we will be fine
regardless of the outcome.
Acknowledge how hard it is
to feel this scared and still take risks,
to show up, be vulnerable,
feel this intense emotion,
dare to be your best self.
And then remember
you are not alone.
We all take this journey,
this sacred journey
that leads us from fear
to freedom.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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