Beyond Fear


I had a talk with the perfectionist today
I said, Thank you for all you’ve done.
I know you’re wanting to keep me safe
I’d like to try something different now.
I want to try motivating myself
with kindness and encouragement.
So would you be willing
to stop warning me about looking foolish
or not getting it right?
I’m ready to step beyond fear,
ready to tap into the unused potential
hiding behind the shield of perfectionism.
Something in me has been waiting far too long.
It wants out.
The real me, the whole me,
wants to come out of the closet and
step into the light of day.
The real me wants to laugh and sing and dance…
So, really, o perfectionistic one,
thank you for wanting to keep me safe…
Let’s try something different now,
beyond perfectionism,
beyond fear,
beyond what I once thought I was…
I’ll start with just being who I am.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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