Just Feel


How do you move speech
through the emotion
when it takes over your body
and you can feel strong waves
of this raw energy
behind the benign words
that may or may not
induce understanding
in those outside of us?
At times like these,
only tears would relieve
some of this pressure,
but what to do
when crying isn’t appropriate?
or more precisely–
what to do when the fear
of the tears’ release looms large
On the horizon of communication?
Rather than worry about how they’ll be received–
Hold back…somehow.
The words come out
forced, too much power
for the meaning they carry
and it alarms those listening…
The vehemence of this emotional power
jolts and wakes those who were snoozing;
they sit up and pay attention,
they lean in, more alert.
Am I responsible for your understanding?
I cannot make you do anything.
Words are so sloppy
when it comes to these ageless, timeless
ubiquitous, uncontrollable, enigmatic
human feelings.
Maybe, instead of trying to process,
compartmentalize, analyze,
compare, contrast, and verbalize,
maybe, I could be crazy and just…
Maybe, just maybe,
feelings are for feeling.

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