Gratitude opened my heart and mind
to how even the smallest things
have the most enormous stories to tell,
like the walnuts in my salad tonight–
the tree that grew them,
the sunshine and the rain
that made the tree grow
in the earth that held the tree in place…
and the person who planted the tree
and tended it with care,
who harvested and processed the nuts
so that they could be there on the grocery shelf
for my father who bought them and gave them to me.
If I can feel such awe for something
as seemingly inconsequential as a single walnut–
what could I feel for the people in my life,
for the fact of existence itself,
and the interconnectedness of it all?
I ate walnuts on my salad tonight,
and tasted the sunshine and the rain–
and now I am full, so grate-full.

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  1. Love love love this! Gratitude is the antidote to my anxiety. It takes me to sleep when I’m worrying, it makes the wonder in my life shine even more brightly and it walks with me gently through grief. I’m so grateful for having figured out that gratitude is the only attitude!

    • So beautifully said, dear friend. Imagine how powerful the gratitude practice can be as we stick with it our whole lives. Experiencing the interconnectedness of all things with our open hearts–that’s heaven on earth. ❤ 🙂

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