NaPoWriMo Day 15: Doubles


Today’s prompt encouraged us to incorporate the idea of doubles into our poem…writing about mirrors or twins or grouping poetic phrases in couplets–or doing both by writing about double things in couplets.  I’m a twin. So I’ll write about that.

She is right-handed; I am left-handed.
She is half an inch taller
I always weighed a little more
and had slightly bigger feet.
Yes, there is a strong resemblance,
but we are not identical,
and still people would confuse us.
They always asked us if we were best friends
but there were times when she was my worst enemy.
She traveled the world as a fashion model;
I went to school at a liberal arts college in VA.
She was often partying in some exotic location
while I was buckling down to write papers
and study for exams.
Sometimes I’m glad that she lives far away,
although I miss her frequently.
We spark so much in each other
that it quickly gets exhausting
being together.
One day maybe we’ll resolve
the wounds of childhood,
but for now
It feels good to be me, just me
instead of one half of a set.

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