NaPoWriMo Day 19: How to Breathe


Would you like to feel more relaxed?
Breathe more slowly, think less.
Would you like to tap into a steady source of inspiration?
Breathe more deeply, struggle less.
Would you like to feel connected with all beings?
Breathe more often, judge less.

On Conscious Breathing

Grab a quiet moment for yourself,
just one little moment to be.
Set your timer for 1 minute
(or 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30).
Find a steady, upright posture,
on the floor or in a chair.
Sit with dignity–
too rigid and you’ll feel stressed,
too loose and you’ll fall asleep.
Keep your eyes open and
fixed gently on one point ahead of you.
Watch your breath entering and leaving your body.
Feel fullness as you inhale,
emptiness as you exhale.
Keep paying attention to the sensations of breathing;
you’ll soon feel a delicious wave of relaxation
spreading through your body.
If your mind wonders, that’s okay!
Just say, “Oh well,” and turn back to your breathing.
If your mind wanders a hundred times in one minute,
just keep remembering to start again with your breathing.
When your timer sounds,
acknowledge yourself for showing up
for a time of conscious relaxation,
a time of centering, a time of stillness.
Acknowledge the gift that your peaceful presence
brings to this world.
When you rise from your seat,
bring your deep breath with you.
Try to remember your conscious breathing throughout the day.
Train yourself in presence. Teach yourself peace.

For today’s NaPoWriMo exercise we were encouraged to write a didactic poem, explaining how to do something in compelling verse.  Not sure how compelling my verse is, but I hope you breathed a few times while reading it.  If you breathed deeply just one time while reading this post, writing it will have been well worth the effort.  Happy breathing!

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