NaPoWriMo Day 21: From Another’s Point of View


Today’s prompt inspired me right away:  Retell a fairytale or a myth from the point of view of a minor character.  Right away I remembered one of my favorite Greek myths and from whose point of view I wanted to retell the tale.  Maybe you can figure out which myth it is, and from whose point of view it is being retold?

She was out running through the meadow
when he appeared out of the earth, grabbed her
and took her down, down, down
into the darkness from which no one ever returns.
Just moments before she was giggling
and dancing with her friends–
she nearly stepped on me–
but now the meadow is silent.
The other girls shrieked and scattered to the wind
when he took her,
the birds stopped singing,
the insects stopped buzzing;
it has been an hour since a bee landed on me
to gather my gold for its hive
and now I am worried.
Oh, but now I hear her mother wailing,
screaming her name, sobbing,
looking for her.
It is growing cold,
why so cold?
I fear my life will be cut short now.
I am not meant to live in such cold.
I see the world is withering around me.
Maybe if the girl would come back,
her mother would be happy again
and the world would be warm again
and I could live.
So cold, so cold.
I must say good bye now.
The frost is coming
and its crystals will penetrate my body
and swell and break all of me.
What once transported life
through me
is now my death.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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