NaPoWriMo Day 22: Earth Day


Happy Earth Day everyone. I always end up feeling a bit sad on Earth Day because of all that we humans have managed to do to disrupt the many fragile and beautiful ecosystems that make up life on our planet. I end up feeling afraid that we have done irreversible damage and that nothing short of our own demise will save our home…today’s NaPoWriMo prompt encourages us to write an Earth Day poem. Will mine end up being cheerful and positive, or will I end up speaking about my fears and my sadness.  Let us see…

With all of our gadgets and gizmos,
with all of our new fangled tech,
with our scientific instruments
that measure and define with
such impressive precision and accuracy,
you’d think we could get this right…
You’d think we could be responsible stewards
of this precious globe of ours,
this ball of green and blue
that gives us everything we need to live.
You’d think we’d wake up a little faster,
that we’d change our ways,
stop polluting our oceans, our air,
our own bodies…
but we don’t.
We keep manufacturing cheap plastic crap,
we buy more clothes and shoes in a few months
than many people will ever see in a life time,
we prioritize our cool cars and our flat screens
and all the while Nature screams “STOP!”
But we don’t hear her.
Someone give me hope.
Tell me that more people are waking up
and taking care.
Show me that the rivers are getting cleaner
and that my children will have clean air
to breathe and flowers to sniff
and towering redwoods to inspire awe
in their hearts
and a soft clean breeze to comfort their minds
and the sound of mother ocean
to cradle their hopes, their inspiration
for life to come.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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