Born Again Hyacinth


Old Lady Hyacinth is past her prime
but she is wise and didn’t mind
Little Miss Sweet Baby Alyssum stepping in
and putting on airs with all her outrageous friends:
And whew! Are those young ‘uns
loud and ostentatious and maybe a little obnoxious
as young’uns often are.
But did she mind?
No, Old Lady Hyacinth didn’t mind.
In fact in her wisdom she said,
Come children, while I’m still here,
I’ll shelter you from the harsh sun
so that you may grow and become established.
I’ll make your first days here gentle and sweet.
But in truth, she knows
the joke’s on all of those little annuals:
come autumn’s frost, they’ll be goners,
all traces of them lost to winter’s scouring
and come next spring,
Hyacinth will be born again,
in the soil rendered rich by
the youngsters’ withering.


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