A Simple Answer


What practice generates positive emotions
and helps you to feel alert, energetic,
enthused and attentive?
What leads you to want to exercise more,
what helps you to sleep better,
and to exhibit fewer symptoms of disease?
What lowers your blood pressure
and motivates you to take better care of yourself?
What reduces hostility?
What fine tunes your sensitivity
so that you can more clearly see
how you can help,
how you can be more outgoing,
altruistic, prosocial, compassionate, generous?
What helps you to feel less lonely, less isolated?
The answer is so beautifully simple.

It’s gratitude.


I gathered information on the benefits of a gratitude practice from the work of Dr. Robert Emmons, who is the leading expert on the science of gratitude.  It’s truly fascinating stuff. Consider checking out his book entitled ThanksIt’s well written and an easy read.

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