Choose Gratitude


Gratitude is a choice,
it is not some default
that is preprogrammed at birth;
it is a choice.
It is the choice to see what you have
rather than what you have not,
a choice to focus on what you love
rather than on what you dislike.
It is the choice to see the good in others
and to express appreciation for that good
rather than focusing on what you think
othersĀ need to change about themselves.
It is about savoring this moment
and searching for reasons to be thankful
rather than looking for things to complain about.
It is a choice that brings health, happiness,
and harmonious relationships.
It helps you to stand in the center of your abundance
wearing an expression of awe,
living from this wonder-filled place.
Life owes you nothing,
but you owe life everything,
most especially your genuine thankfulness
for all the gifts you have been given,
all the blessings that have been showered upon you.
Gratitude is a path
to authentic fulfillment,
it is not a chore,
it is a choice.
And now I wonder–
what choice do you make?

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  1. First timer here. Great poem. We tell our kids that people don’t have to do anything for you, so go out of your way to thank them for their help.

    • Hello Keith, thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind comment. And those are certainly words to live by–to go out of your way to thank people for the kindness they show you. It’s such a wake up call once we start looking at all the ways life has blessed us, all of the blessings we have been too blind to see because we were caught up in stories about how life should be. The way it is is pretty wonderful, is it not?

      • Lorien, it is pretty wonderful. To me, we need to only adhere to one overarching theme – treat others like you want to be treated and things will work out fine. If we each did that, we could improve much in everyone’s lives. Have a great day, Keith

      • Ah, yes, the golden rule! I am in complete agreement with you there. Whenever one of my children does something unkind, I ask them how they’d feel if someone did the same thing to them. They’ll answer, “Sad, frustrated, angry, hurt…” and then I’ll say, “So why did you do it?” I try to get to the heart of what they were feeling and encourage them to find kind, effective ways of asking for what they want, or do not want from others. The golden rule is woven through all other rules and can be applied in all domains.

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