Fear and Greatness


I almost let fear get the best of me today
I almost believed the stories
of being “less than” and “not good enough”
But I’ve been afraid for far too long
and I’m tired of those worn out stories.
Even as I recognized it for what it was
the fear voice continued to be loud,
insistent even, to be sure–
because who among us wants annihilation?
Threatening to kill the thing that threatens us
only makes the thing even more determined to live…
And so I had to take my fear by the hand.
I had to look into its eyes,
reassure it, tell it that I love it,
let it know that it is welcome here.
And my heart stretched bigger
to hold my fear and my greatness both.
In the end, fear did get the best of me–
it drew me out and woke me up;
I gave my best to it,
and we were both transformed.

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