On Generosity


My studies bring me to the subject of generosity,
and I’m looking at myself and my life
through the lens of giving and receiving.
I see that it is not so much about the objects given
although they are certainly important–
it is much more about the kind regard,
the compassionate understanding,
offering the benefit of the doubt,
choosing gentleness,
placing a comforting hand on
the shoulder of someone who needs reassurance.
It is a genuine smile,
a willingness to be patient,
to overlook the inconsistencies
of actions and deeds
and to see to the heart of a being.
It is not conferring wealth
but inferring the profound worth
of each person,
and treating everyone–
from the greatest to the smallest–
with the respect one would show for royalty.
For we are all rulers of our own domain,
we are all kings and queens in our own right.
The difference between the generous person
and the impoverished one is this:
while the impoverished person
organizes everyone in a hierarchy of importance,
the generous person sees
the royal nature of all beings.

2 responses »

  1. Hear hear! This also made me think about your previous posts about self-compassion, we so often forget to be generous towards ourselves! I re-read your poem as though I was talking to myself and I appreciated the comforting hand on the shoulder – thank you!

    • Oh good to hear that my words could provide some comfort! It’s nice to know that we can share in each other’s struggles and triumphs…all part of the experience of being human.

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