In a Tent


One child is asleep

one is restless

and I’m exhausted

Husband is off showering

Washing off the sweat of the day’s work

Setting up camp

It’s a humid June night

and we’re all hot.

I can hear the voices of neighbors

chatting in the campsite across from ours.

I’m feeling at once mildly uncomfortable and amused…

in a society where many of us

are insulated from hardship

We engage in activities that mimic hardship…

Sleeping outside, only a thin layer between us

and the earth

laboring to start a fire,

to prepare our meal.

Needing to walk a fair distance away

to relieve oneself or to have clean, running water…

To us this is recreation;

to others it is life.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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