Nature Savior


The forest saved me again today.
I was feeling grumpy…
tired from moving furniture around
so that I could properly wash my floors,
tired from picking up
clothes, toys, books, papers,
and all the other odds and ends
that inevitably form layers of detritus
in the homes where children live.
Once the floors were mopped and drying,
Instead of spending another minute inside
I grabbed the kids and we went out.
Life makes sense in the forest.
Everything in harmony.
An emerald sea of beautiful, delicate ferns
growing the way they always have.
The sound of the stream after a heavy rain,
the smell of wet earth.
My children and I stroked little mounds of moss,
delighted at the soft texture.
The clouds cleared to reveal a deep blue sky.
The little green fruit left behind
after the blackberry blossoms drop–
and sunlight promising
to bring it all to ripeness–
yes, THANK YOU Mother.
You saved me again today.

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