Thoughts on Plants


Gardening as a metaphor…
Wherever you see the word “plants”
read “thoughts.”
I went out in search of some new plants today.
I came upon scores of them,
glowing like jewels, beckoning me
to gaze upon their beauty.
They were healthy, colorful,
well tended.
I brought some home.
I pulled the weed plants
out of my garden,
and removed the plants
I had been trying to nurture
but which simply did not fare well
where I had placed them.
At first it pained me to pull the old plants up,
for they were still alive,
even if they were struggling
and looking scraggly.
But then I remembered,
These plants will return to the Earth Mother.
Their fate is not so bad.
And these beautiful new plants,
let me give them a chance to flourish.
Let me try again to see new growth
reach toward its potential,
its fullest expression of beauty.
My plants have a lot to teach me.
Life has a lot to teach me.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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