The Fragrance of Presence


I watch myself
getting all bunched up inside
hoping for this or that outcome,
this or that experience,
and meanwhile
the earth is spinning
as it always has
and the birds are singing
and the wind is blowing
and clouds passing by
temporarily obscure the sun,
making the bursts of light
more beautiful, more meaningful.
My breath is the key to presence
and I meditate to remember this.
Most of the time I forget,
but this is a practice…
and so I cultivate patience.
It seems like a humble thing to grow,
but once the roots are established
and the plant blooms,
the sturdy flowers will bless
all who look upon them,
all who breathe in the fragrance
of presence.

2 responses »

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, keep on trying…this is all we can ever do…and we are always in the roots-establishing phase. Plants wither without their roots; our only hope is balancing the whole process of growth, staying connecting with the earth even as we reach up to the heavens.

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