No More Waiting


Waiting for life to get easier,
for people to get me.
Waiting to have more support,
to have more sleep,
to be offered more opportunities.
As I keep projecting into the future,
fixing my sights on what could be,
what is happening now,
what cannot wait?
Every once in a while
I remember to breathe
and I ask myself why it took so long
to come back home to my body like this.
The potential to awaken
always right where I am,
but so well concealed
by the illusion of deferred happiness.
All of the holding patterns of my life,
I think,
are connected to the holding patterns of my breath.
I meditate so that I can remember to breathe.
I meditate for the sole purpose
(the soul purpose)
of breathing.
If I can remember to just breathe now,
to let it flow,
I won’t have the feeling
that I spend so much time waiting.
I won’t hold off, and I won’t hold on…
Now is life.
No more waiting.

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