Calling All Poets/Creative Minds to A Grand Collaboration – Poets for Peace


All of my poet friends…please consider contributing. Thank you.


    image copyright neha 2016image copyright neha 2016

Hello Everyone,

This collaboration is initiated by my talented friend Michael (M. Zane McClellan)  from the poetry channel and will be hosted here on forgottenmeadows. Many wonderful bloggers like Marie (, Kim ( and others have helped in putting this together and spreading the word out. The deadline for contribution is August 31st, 2016! I urge you to help us make this creative effort successful by joining in.Below is Michael’s message:

“In response to the recent unceasing, and, in fact escalating global violence, we have seen and felt a corresponding surge in poetry about it.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to share your thoughts and feelings, a piece of yourself, to add to other Poets from around the world. We are hopeful that the combined weight of our collective spirit and wisdom will be felt worldwide as well.


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  1. Namaste, Loren. Neha asked me to follow up with you as she was unsure if you intended to contribute to the #POETSFORPEACE collaboration.
    If you would like to, please paste your poem in the comments of her, “Calling All Poets…” Post on

    Thank you so much for supporting our Peace initiative.

    • Hi Michael, yes I definitely want to contribute; thank you for reaching out. I will paste my poem in the comments section of Neha’s post. And thank you for starting this project. It warms my heart to see so many reach out with themselves, their hearts, their words…<3

      • Terrific! Thanks for supporting it, Lorien.
        You:re welcome. I am happy the idea came to me and ecstatic with the enthusiastic, international response to such an important issue. I look forward to reading your poem.
        Namaste _/\_

      • Thank you again Michael. It gives me hope when I see fellow creative souls following through on their flashes of inspiration. Thank you for being a channel for good. ❤

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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