Practice Being


How to find the balance
between rest and work,
connecting with others
and connecting with self,
being in the outer world
and navigating the inner?
Is balance a myth?
It’s not as if
I set a timer
and say
Now I have one hour
to go inwards
It’s not like during that one hour
I am completely at one with myself.
It’s more organic than that.
When I sit in meditation
my thoughts drift to the outer world,
and when I’m out in the world,
I often feel myself longing for my cushion.
Is this the plight of the human?
Our memories create longing for what was,
our desires create longing for what could be,
and here we are with what is.
Maybe it’s not so much about searching for balance
but more like finding out what being really means.
Sometimes life is messy,
sometimes we lose our balance completely,
sometimes we fall.
If I’m always looking for balance,
I’ll feel like a failure in wobbly moments.
It’s all so unpredictable.
Let me drop all hope of balancing.
Let me breathe and use my life
as an opportunity to practice being.

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