The Dream of Existence


I wake up from sleeping
remembering a dream
about finding something I had lost.
It’s early, before 5,
and my mind is hazy,
unsure of where to draw the line
between reality and the dream state.
I walk through the day as if in a dream;
sometimes I catch myself
being swept away in a current of thought
and I realize that it has been over an hour
since I have been truly present,
truly awake and aware of my surroundings.
My children remind me
with a flash of their eyes
and a flurry of movement
that I have been somewhere, not here;
they bring me back.
But the pull to stay asleep in the dream
is strong
and like a terrible force of nature,
a giant wave,
a landslide,
a tornado,
I am caught again
in some dreamy, quasi reality state,
believing what my thoughts tell me,
confusing them for reality.
Dreams can be very convincing.
I think a lot of my practice must be
learning true discernment
and relaxing into
the dream of existence.

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