What is True?


Sometimes, when I hear
another story about
the atrocities committed
due to disagreements about
what is true
I wonder if I am simply dreaming.
How can this be?
How could you look at someone and say
If you don’t think the way I do
then I will kill you  ???
Most people I know
know that truth is variable;
it changes according to who is thinking about it.
And variability is good!
It’s interesting!
It’s a fertile place for discussion,
for creativity,
for innovation,
for synthesizing many ideas
into an incredible solution
to the problems facing us today.
And…If we were all the same,
wouldn’t life be boring?
Will we one day understand
that we can sit together
and love one another
and help one another
and respect one another
even if we don’t agree on what is true?

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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