Conscious or Unconscious?


Remembering to breathe when you’re grumpy
can mean the difference between
making a difficult situation worse
or relaxing into a state of calm reflection
in which words are carefully chosen,
listening is active and deliberate,
and clarity is achieved.
It comes down to choice–
do you want to make things worse
or do you want to bring peace
into this world?
And it is a choice,
as much as your mind might
attempt to convince you otherwise.
You choose where you place your attention.
You choose your thoughts, words and actions.
The real question is,
Are your choices conscious or unconscious?
The ability to consciously choose how
you think, speak and act
is a rare yet necessary superpower,
a precious medicine that can heal this world of chaos.
It is one of the most difficult and important things
a human being can do,
and it is certainly not for the faint of heart,
not for the one who gives up
when the first signs of difficulty arise.
This is why training is of utmost importance.
Training in different contexts,
beginning with the most simple and easy
and progressing through increasingly difficult tasks,
will give you the strength
and the presence of mind
to move in this world with awareness
and to meet the greatest challenges
with equanimity.
And all of life is your training,
all of life is your practice.
If you choose to walk the path of the warrior,
see that this path is before you always.
Use this moment to awaken,
to grow stronger,
to see the important place you hold
in this many stranded web of life,
in this universe of infinite possibility.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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