Moved by Mountains


We went to the mountains today.
I was moved.
My heart sang.
I felt grateful.
Such simplicity–
some delicate wildflowers,
a stream flowing over smooth rocks,
warm sunshine,
the scent of a nearby campfire
wisping along softly with the wind,
the aspen leaves responding
to the breeze’s caress,
hearing my children laughing and playing,
eating a simple meal,
laughing with loved ones.
Some talk about
faith so strong that it can move mountains;
I know nothing about this.
All I know is
the mountains move me,
and my heart sings.

4 responses »

  1. I am grateful to live near mountains. Seeing them in the distance inspires me but being on their shoulders or ridges energizes me with their confident nature and assurance of their place in the world; their promise that life goes on no matter what.

    • Yes! You are so lucky! Which mountains do you live near? I miss them now that I’m back on the east coast. Enjoy the view for me, and breathe some of that mountain air. ❤

    • Indeed! Calgary is so beautiful, and the Canadian Rockies are so majestic. I spent some time not far from there, in Canmore and Banff, years ago. Such a beautiful part of the world!

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