Gardening and Life


Tending the garden today…
pulling weeds, watering,
I’m reminded how much of life
is just like gardening.
We can cultivate the good qualities
and eradicate the not so virtuous ones.
Is your garden full of weeds?
Do you want to make room for
stunning flowers to bloom?
How we garden reflects our personalities–
do you keep a wild cottage garden,
or do you like things neat and tidy and planned?
Just a little care can go a long way.
Plant the seeds of your dreams and intentions,
and give them your attention; nurture them.
And patiently, patiently, watch them grow.

7 responses »

  1. I like to make room in my garden just as I like to make room in my mind to expand my learning. Organize my flowers like I organize my thoughts. Attend to them daily so they may grow strong and beautiful just as I like to attend to my thoughts and ideas so they may grow stronger and brighter.

  2. Thank you, Lorien, for those inspiring words. Yes, let’s yank those weeds out and let the flowers blossom! But, that last line – how long will it take? I’m half-kidding because I know things take time, and yet I find myself pulling at the tender shoots of those tender new living blossoms and I suspect that doesn’t speed things up.

    • Ah, indeed, friend…we cannot speed up growth by yanking on the tender beginnings of the flowers we’ve planted. And this is why patience, patience, and more patience keeps coming back to me as what we need as we tend the garden.

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