What Really Matters


It struck me how backwards we can be
with our priorities.
Take, for example,
the emphasis we place on the size of our homes,
the way we decorate their interiors,
how powerful our car’s engine is,
how much our income is,
where we will take our next vacation,
how fast our internet is,
how large is our flatscreen,
how expensive our shoes…
We get so caught up in these things,
we might forget that there are many other things
that matter so much more–
the size of our hearts,
the way we decorate our inner world,
how powerful our mind is,
how much we can love,
where our generosity is most needed,
how quickly we can forgive,
how large is our vision,
the value we place on our relationships…
If you ever feel dissatisfied
with the way your life has turned out,
ask yourself if you haven’t momentarily
gotten your priorities mixed up.
You might find that reducing
your material desires
and setting your sights
on the singular goal
of realizing your fullest potential
will immediately shift your perspective
and help you see clearly again
what really, truly matters.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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