Simple Things, Precious Treasures


Look for joy in the simplest places,
you will always find a reason to be happy.
A laugh, a smile on a beloved’s face,
the taste of home made lime ice cream,
Coming back to a cool home
after being out in the sweltering summer heat.
Holding and rocking my daughter like a baby
even though she is now six
(She asked me to, and of course I obliged!)
Seeing my children running and laughing,
healthy, happy, vibrant…
The feel of good yarn slipping through my fingers
as my latest project takes shape,
a little moment of quiet
after the noise of the day.
I started off talking about simple things–
but as I look back at my list,
I see how fortunate I am,
how blessed…
realizing that these “simple” things
are actually precious treasures,
and how good it feels to bask
in a state of gratitude.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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