Trust the Darkness


For so long the darkness
was suppressed;
it was shameful, ugly,
a sign that something was wrong,
a sign that I had failed.
And I kept pushing the darkness down.
I had not seen how hopeless it was
to fight against the night like this,
as if my preference for the light
would lengthen the day,
as if the seasons would bow to my ignorance,
as if I could escape the cold
because I wanted warmth.
But every day the darkness returned,
and every winter I became cold again.
And how I tried to push the darkness down.
How could I have been so blind?
What was I afraid of seeing?
This hopeless struggle broke me one day,
as the darkness came crashing over me,
engulfing me, saying–
I will be denied no longer.
And so I curled up in a little ball,
turned in and faced the darkness.
I began to open to what it has come to teach me.
The dark mother’s arms parted and let me in.
I sat in her embrace and began to find healing.
I see now that the blessed darkness is a gift
to be welcomed, honored, appreciated.
More than a gift,
it is a necessity.
Like plants need rain to quench their thirst,
we need our fertile, mysterious darkness
to flow over us and through us,
nourishing our deepest selves,
providing a balanced, cyclical unfolding.
We need cooling rest,
respite from this crazy world
of fevered desires, bright lights,
non stop action-motion-commotion.
We need the time to go inwards,
to let ideas lie fallow,
to turn away from the noise of the world
and draw from the deep quiet source within.
If you find yourself going through some darkness,
do not push it down, and do not turn away.
Trust the darkness,
open to what it has come to teach you.
Trust the darkness.
The darkness is you.

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