A Nicer, Calmer Person


I woke up early today.
My husband answered Nature’s call
and the sounds of his nature woke me.
And so I found myself a little before 6
sitting, awake, ready.
I breathed, I was still,
it was the best sit in a while–
with no one to disturb me
and the world still quiet,
it was easier, simpler.
The morning went better, smoother.
I made breakfast, I sipped my coffee.
Things were calm.
No one accused me of any edginess
or misplaced frustration.
So I’m going to bed early tonight,
wanting to keep testing this hypothesis
that has been tested and proven
many times before
by many practitioners,
but which means nothing
if it hasn’t been directly experienced:
If I sit before everyone else is up,
then I will be a nicer, calmer, person.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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