Easing Into This Moment


When I can sense in myself
a depth of being
underneath the idea that there is
something better out there,
I experiencing a softening,
an easing
into this moment as it is
a returning
to myself as I am.
The way to awakening
is not through a series of teachers
or spiritual paths,
each one of us is the way.
As we stop, breathe,
and find even a tiny bit
of stillness and silence,
we can all sense the
aliveness and beauty
in us and around us
always, at all times.
It’s not some grand moment
of blissful transcendence
or profound spiritual awakening–
it’s in all of the little moments
where we choose presence.
And so we don’t have to wait
to feel complete,
no teacher or doctor has to fix us.
Let us return to ourselves now.
Let us sense our depth of being,
softening and easing into this moment.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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