This Path


Learning to look beyond
the habitual perceptions
that cloud the beauty
in my life…
I see how my experiences
are governed by my thoughts
and how often my thoughts
help nothing and no one.
These unhelpful thoughts
render me helpless at times…
but then a friend, or a teacher,
a book, or a song,
or the way the sunlight
filters through leaves
as they dance in the breeze,
brings me back to my essence
and I remember:
I am not these thoughts.
These thoughts are not my world.
Every once in a while
I feel the spaciousness of a mind
free from emotional extremes.
Just this open curiosity,
looking out into the world,
Without hope, fear, or regret,
just looking.
Let my eyes look out
and see what is really there.
Let my heart open to myself
and all beings
who are walking this path of life.

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