Understanding and Enthusiasm


Understanding brings enthusiasm,
let me explain.
When you’re in the dark
you have no choice.
You’re in a trance,
at the mercy of circumstance.
But when you shine
the light of awareness,
you awaken.
With understanding
of this amazing reality
comes awe–
awe at the absolute beauty
of this world.
And with awe, enthusiasm–
this energy to open, to connect
to express the best of who you are.
Look deep, my friends.
Look deep into the well of being,
shine the light of your awareness,
and let your understanding blossom.

4 responses »

  1. Enthusiasm is my trademark! 😄😄😄. Unfortunately I find that after joining adulthood it is no longer a “respectable” thing. Apparently adults are supposed to be serious (and boring), and enthusiasm is considered to be childish. I don’t care though, but I sometimes feel alone because of it.

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