The Deeper Truth


Longing for understanding…
this tenderness in my heart
turns heavy and grieves,
wanting connection,
seeking loving reflection,
the tears fall on the inside.
And yet…
I don’t wish to wallow,
to over-identify, over-dramatize,
become blinded by my stories
of separation, isolation–
so where is the line?
Where is the line that distinguishes
feeling one’s feelings
from becoming lost in them?
I think this is why telling one’s story
to a kind listener
is so very important.
If I’m only ever telling my story
to myself,
it becomes tedious, neurotic,
but when I look into the eyes of compassion
and articulate my experience,
allow myself to be held,
to be validated,
seen and heard–
then my story becomes a means of connection,
a way of seeing how I’m not so different
from other human beings
going through the same thing.
But what to do when such a friend
is nowhere near, unavailable?
How do I listen to my own story
so that instead of feeding the delusion,
it might become a means of connection,
returning home
to the deeper truth of myself?

9 responses »

  1. Maybe we find our inner healer 💙… and I found there is always an outer connection somewhere…longing to reach back…except for when my inner healer is that connection…something like that.I like reflecting on it. Thanks for being here.

  2. Awe… I remembered I was gonna write about how tender it is just below the surface..where the details are blurred. 💙 It’s quite beautiful…and there is a bit if distance from my human self in the story.

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