The Listening, Receptive Presence


I come here not knowing what I want to say,
so I wait and breathe…
I try to cultivate this listening, receptive presence,
but does the trying push away that which I want to hear?
Is letting go of effort the answer?
It’s not so much a statement of what I already know.
I don’t need to parade my wisdom around the room
and wait for accolades…
besides, the room is empty
and all I can hear is the night crickets chirping.
It’s more of an opening to what I don’t know,
it’s a recognition that what is out there
is so much greater than my comprehension,
it’s a bowing down before the majesty of life,
seeing clearly the continuum of being,
and how I am smaller than the tiniest blip
on the story arc of the Universe.
The listening, receptive presence is a doorway.
I step through and begin my journey.

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