How Good This Life


Tired from a long day,
but feeling grateful
and somehow complete…
as if all that needed to be done was done,
knowing that what was left undone
can wait.
Thankful for the class I taught tonight,
thirty-two souls trusting their bodyminds to me,
the privilege, the honor, the responsibility of this.
Standing in the place of channel,
seeing none of these teachings as my own,
but instead as pieces of the great cosmic puzzle,
all interconnected, making sense
in the togetherness.
I meditated just now,
and managed to stay awake.
I sensed a quietness, an alertness,
a different sort of self
that was present alongside my tired body
clamoring for sleep.
Settling now into a place of rest,
I see how good, how good this life is.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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