Contemplating the Journey


My mind, trying to free itself,
is wandering between two worlds–
hell, and reality.
Hell is all of my stressful thoughts,
my judgments, my cherished beliefs,
my criticisms of others,
my stories about lack and injustice.
Reality is where I stop fighting
the shadows of my mind,
look in, and shine the light of inquiry
into every hidden nook and cranny.
It’s as if I’ve stepped out into the sun
for the first time
and am blinded by the brightness.
Every little thing is a miracle,
it is all good.
I can relax,
I can see myself and others,
our innocence,
the way we suffer
when we are caught in our own stories.
I notice the hope
that I can stay awake
and the fear that I will fail.
This is just another story to be questioned.
The witness in me can watch my mind wander
from one world to the other,
amused, contemplating the journey.

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