Right or Free?


Do I want to be right
or do I want to be free?
My mind wants to believe
its stories;
as soon as a stressful thought appears
it invents all sorts of reasons
to prove that the thought is valid.
This is how mind works.
The only way to attain freedom
from a stressful thought
is to question it.
Is it true?
Can I absolutely know that it is true?
How do I feel when I think this thought?
Who would I be without this thought?
and then turn the thought around,
finding at least three ways
that the opposite is as true
or even truer
than the original stressful thought.
This is The Work.
I’m grateful for inquiry,
grateful that I can return to this moment
and discover what is true;
I don’t need to be right.
I just need to love the only thing I can love–
this reality, right now, as it is.

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