Our Thinking Makes It So


There is no problem
but our thinking makes it so.
There are no new stressful thoughts;
they have been the same
since the very beginning of time.
Yes, the details and the context have changed,
but the feelings really have not.
Anger is anger and fear is fear.
Sadness is sadness and joy is joy.
Whatever stress we experience
has been experienced many times over…
we are not so different from our ancestors,
even with our cell phones,
Instagram, FaceBook and YouTube.
This is good news!
It means that we don’t have to take
any of these human difficulties personally.
And, everything is personal,
because everything is a projection
of our own minds.
Clean up your mind,
and your projection becomes pure.
Find joy within
and you will see joy outside as well.
Settle into this moment,
see beyond the stories.
Reality is beautiful.
Our thinking makes it so.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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