A More Simple Life


Life becomes more simple
when we embrace reality.
Why fight against the
great waves crashing on the shore?
Let yourself be knocked down
and pulled out to sea,
or stand back and observe
the swirling turbulence.
You are not the waves;
you are the observer of the waves.
Look out into the vast ocean,
this endless potential to experience
infinite variations of awareness
and sensation.
Marvel at the possibility.
As a thought emerges,
watch how you react,
and if it is with stress,
then question the story
you are telling yourself.
If you do not like something you see,
question what is being triggered in you.
All of life is a projection of your own mind.
Fighting reality is fighting this mind.
Embrace reality, embrace your mind.
Life will become much more simple.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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