I Won’t Wait


I won’t wait for happiness,
I will have it now…
as I listen to the wind
rustling the maple tree leaves
turning from green to red,
as I pick up the toys
strewn everywhere
in this messy house
and ready my children for bed,
as I contemplate this life breath
moving in and out
nourishing me without a thought,
as I contemplate the many things I have
that could never be bought.
Only a fool believes
that happiness is somewhere out there.
Touch your heart, feel its steady rhythm,
a sacred drum keeping perfect pace
as you sing the song of your life.
If joy isn’t now here,
then it is nowhere.

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  1. ‘Obstacles don’t block our path, they are the path’. I will continue trying to see, appreciate and be grateful for the whole path rather than being frustrated by the obstacles along the way. Thank you for your reminders. X

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