Wouldn’t Change a Thing


I have nothing to let go of
except for my story,
nothing to fear
except for the beliefs
I have projected upon this world.
In the absence of thoughts
about how this moment should be
There is room in my mind
to love things the way they are,
to act from this love,
to BE this love,
to be who I already am.
In this place of sweet grace,
there is no problem,
only the experience of this moment
and the stories I tell about it.
Realizing that I am the story maker,
and seeing how the tone of my thoughts
determines the quality of my experience,
I see how perfectly simple it all is
to slow down, watch, listen,
take in the beauty that surrounds me.
In awe of the tiniest things,
boundless appreciation blossoms in my heart.
I see and smell and taste this joy.
My joy is reflected in the world around me,
on the smiles of the faces of passersby,
my faces.
I love this world.
I love my story.
I love my projection.
If I were given the choice
to remake this moment
I would decline the offer.
I wouldn’t change a thing.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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