The Universe Following in Your Footsteps


Numbers go up
and numbers go down
And still the sun rises and sets.
Just where does your security come from?
Every day,
the rocks,
the trees,
this planet
and we are a little bit older,
the weather always changing,
the waves of the ocean
going in and out,
everything always moving, shifting.
Just where does your sense of stability come from?
If you look to this world of impermanence
to help you feel safe, at home
you are bound to feel anxious.
The only constant you can count on
in this ever evolving universe…is change.
The good news is,
suffering is optional.
Be at home with yourself,
be still, go inside, look deeply.
Loving reality as it is
the war within is over.
Now you can go anywhere, everywhere,
and you are safe and secure
come what may.
You no longer need to wait to experience peace.
When you have found the peace inside yourself,
everything in the world
becomes a reflection of that.
You want security?
Know and love who you are.
The universe has no choice
but to follow in your footsteps.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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