Blame the Moon


I woke up early
to sit and do the Work today.
After a rough night in which
I brought my four year old son to our bed
and ended up dragging myself off to sleep in his,
I was up a little before 5,
ready to spend some time with my thoughts.
After my sit
I stepped outside to witness the supermoon,
a vibrant beauty hovering just above the horizon
as the sun began to show hints of its arrival.
And then coffee, a bowl of cereal,
then my journal open, pen poised,
ready for the Work.
Scribbling furiously
page after page
I managed to bring myself
from resentment over loss of sleep
to gratitude for this sweet life with my little family.
There isn’t some special kind of magic in my pen–
Just the normal kind.
It’s the same kind of magic you’d find in any pen–
the magic to look back at one’s thoughts
and see how the whole universe
is our own projection,
the power to understand
how believing in our thoughts
is a choice
and the will to investigate those thoughts
is a superpower.
I realized, chuckling,
that if I were going to blame my husband
for my loss of sleep,
then I might as well
blame the moon.
And who could blame the moon?

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  1. I’ve also found The Work to be a really powerful tool. Thank you for pointing me in this direction. Thank you for sharing today’s conclusion, it really made me smile. Xx

    • Ah, my friend! Good for you. Writing has been such a true friend, always there for me when I needed it the most. And The Work…check it out…it might resonate for you. I started off reading Loving What Is, but there are some great audio recordings on YouTube…Your Inner Awakening, I Need Your Love, Is That True?…I love listening to Byron Katie do The Work with real people. It’s amazing to hear. ❤ 🙂 ❤

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