Applying Myself to My Work


Late, everyone else was asleep
and all was quiet in the house,
save for the whir of my sewing machine
as I seamed up the start of another project,
an apron made with
Thanksgiving themed fabric.
Each time I pinned and stitched and pressed,
each time I smoothed and clipped and examined,
the fabric cheerfully reminded me
to be grateful,
love friends and family,
have a thankful heart.
And it struck me all of a sudden,
out of the blue,
as if awakening from a dream,
I’m doing what I love to do,
I’m doing what I want to do,
right now.
And I realized that for so long
I have fixated on longing to do
what I have wanted to do,
and I have trapped myself in the story
of not enough time,
not enough energy,
not enough support,
not enough space.
Such stories blind me
to what good there is in my life…
But I didn’t tell that story tonight.
Tonight the simple act
of applying myself to
my work
awakened me to
this miraculous moment
and the pure joy
of being present.
what would happen
if we all experienced our work
in this way?

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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