Inner Activism


Activism begins within.
It isn’t enough to look around,
see what’s wrong with the world,
and decide to fix things.
It is insane believing
that we can change the world outside.
you are watching a movie,
and there is fuzz on the projector lens.
Will you run down to the screen
and furiously start scrubbing,
trying to remove the shadow projected there?
And how long would it take to realize
that scrubbing the screen
will do nothing to remove
the bit of fuzz stuck to the lens?
If we want to see a clean, clear image,
we must begin with the projector.
We must clean our own lens
if we will see this world rightly.
It is too easy to see injustice,
become angry, and point fingers.
Who will be the brave one
who generates compassion
for the suffering of the world,
and who silently teaches peace
with every step, every breath?
The most profound teachings
aren’t the ones that can be spoken,
they are the ones that are lived,
wordlessly expressed
as the clearly projected image
of a mind and a heart at ease.
If you would be an activist,
address the inner violence,
the inner pollution,
the inner injustice–
and watch as the world
reflects your own pure beauty
back onto the mirror of your soul.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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