It Takes Great Courage


If someone questions
what you do,
take a breath,
Becoming defensive helps nothing.
Can you stay in your integrity
and open to the other’s point of view?
Without reacting,
can you speak your mind?
More important,
can you listen, really listen
to the thoughts between the words
and discern your own truth
from all the conflicting motivations?
Close your eyes,
be still,
It takes great courage
to awaken to your true self;
let your strong heart
do all the talking.
It is so much more eloquent
than mere words,
and in this noisy world,
so much more powerful.

5 responses »

    • Thank you for your kind words. If we would all try to listen even a little more consciously, the whole world would change overnight…for now, we can really only work on ourselves and the way that we approach our lives. Thank you for the efforts you make–they ripple out into the world in ways that we simply cannot grasp. ❤ 🙂

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